When in Butuan

First thing I did when I heard that I’m going to Butuan for my work is that, I’m gonna seize the moment and explore this place, since this is my one and last chance.  We (I and my partner) then decided  to go backpacking in Siargao Island (7 hrs travel from Butuan) or explore Camiguin Island (4 hrs travel from Butuan). But due to weather conditions, we end up cuddling our beds on a weekend getaway.

Sunday morning, when my colleague informed me that there is a place where you can explore near Butuan, and that’s Carmen, Agusan del Norte. A 1 hour drive from Butuan City. You can ride a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City or a Multicab  bound directly for Carmen.

Where to go? 
There are several beach resorts in Carmen, they offer snorkeling and diving services. There is also a resort with infinity  pool facing the vast ocean (we failed to explore that one though, but it’s along the highway).  But if you just want to chill and soak in the water, you can go to Vinapor Jurassic Beach Park. Entrance fee will cost you Php 30.00, this doesn’t include the swimming pool area and the cottages. But one thing that makes this resort unique is the cave pool. Entrance fee for the pool will cost you, P 100.00. Diving is strictly prohibited. Also, be cautious when exploring the cave since it’s slippery. 
Anyone can fit in there, just be careful.


Jurassic Beach Cave Pool








Another pool in the resort

Another resort that you can explore is the Punta Diwata Beach Resort. Entrance Fee is P 20.00. This resort is known for their diving services. Also, there are two (2) caves within the resort. We didn’t experience the thrill of exploring life under the sea through diving and catching up with the 2nd cave because of our limited time.


Overview of the resort from below.


Cave 1

dscf1799How to get there?
Ride a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City (if you’re from Butuan City) or you can ride multicab from Butuan City bound for Carmen. You can ride a motorcycle from the terminal or you can tell the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Vinapor.

Fare expenses as follows:
50 – Motorcycle Fare from drop off point (Brgy Vinapor) to Jurassic Beach Park
20 – Jurassic Beach Park to Punta Diwata Beach Resort
50 – Motorcycle Fare from Punta Diwata Beach Resort to terminal bound for Butuan
35 – Multicab fare from Carmen to Butuan

Entrance fees and other expenses:
30 – Jurassic Beach Park
100 – swimming pool fee (incl. of cave pool)
20 – Punta Diwata Beach Resort

There are several inns and resort where you can stay for the night or for the week.

My video is a little bit shaky. Gotta improve that one. 🙂

Kindly click HD for better results. 🙂


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