CBTL – Caring Cup Activity


First reach out activity I’ve been into out of my comfort zone since majority of my extra curricular activities was due to my studies during college. As I looked back during my dugyot days, I’m really not into things like this. I’m not exposed to activities in line with my interests like the art of creating and beautifying. (wow! *high pitched tone. I guess that part is a bit exaggerated. šŸ˜‚)


The activity was in partnership with Hope in a Bottle. By just buying one bottle, you can help in a simple way in building classrooms all over the Philippines. The activity was held in Calinan Brgy. Marilog, Davao City. The first classroom built in Mindanao for the year 2017. TheĀ painting activity last for approximately 6 hrs followed by the solar lamp making activity. Actually, I thought it was just a simple make-over, like you just paint the wall of the newly built classroom black and white, just like what the builders (not sure with the term. hehe) do. But in reality, our duty as a volunteer, was to make the classroom extra ordinary for the kids, thus, artistic skills should be applied. haha.

I learned that you really need to be prepared when doing things like this such as bringing some paint brush or doing some research in line with the activity like for the background for better results. Overall, the activity was fun and I met new friends. Hope this will not to be my last time to participate in such wonderful activity.



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